Zachary Special meaning and definition

Zachary Special meaning

An unfortunate situation in which the male partner of a newly wed couple, in a fit of over excitment, looses a deuce all over the bed and his female companion. Arguably the most embarassing thing that could happen to anyone, victims of the Zachary Special are normally extremely awkward in all situations and lack normal human dignity and swag.If you receive a Zachary Special, you might want to rethink your life because something this bad could not happen to someone who has not done something terrible in their life.The Special is named after no particular Zachary, but zachary just happens to sound like an extremely awkward name and it would happen to someone named zachary.

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Zachary Speechly meaning

Gives off a shit first impression. Can come off as a arrogant asshole to people that dont know him well. But if you get to know him you find he can be the opposite. These are his top 7 best traits 1. Great in bed 2. Fun to be around 3. Good kisser 4. Exceptional dick 5. Good at talking his way out of shit 6. Lover, not a hater 7. Doesnt stop untill he gets what he wants. He is a extremely sexual person and loves vagina. He doesnt know when to stop and doesnt think before he talks.

zachary strout meaning

A young horny mother fucker who wants to fuck Ms.Carter. He shows true love for her and wants he pussy. Every time Ms.Carter walks by, he has an immediate boner.

Zachary Taylor meaning

The bestest boy in the world :)

Zachary Taylor Ross meaning

The most amazing guy out there, tall sweet and comes from a good open-hearted family. He is sweet and very protective. He isn't one of those guys who keeps you from your guy friends and he will basically give you his closest. He is a caring guy who always will make sure your smiling, loved, and warm. He truly is a love bug, loves to cuddle and he will always make sure you are happy. He will do anything to make you happy and keep you smiling. When your with him its hard not to smile and be happy.

Zachary Tyler Proctor meaning

The Sweetest Boy in the WHOLE World. He will give you butterflies in your stomach without even having to try. He WILL make you smile more than you ever have before in your life. One glance at him and its over: you've fallen hard. :)

ZacharyV meaning

A ZacharyV is someone that is amazing,friendly,Sweg,Freedy,Swergs,Nice dressing,nobody can beat of the party,skinny,cool,most popular kid in the school,good with weopens, sporty, loves to eat, white,hates justin bieber.

zachary vance meaning

The best man in the world nobody can beat him at all he is handsome,smart,life of the party,Killer sports player, he gets all the babes and the cheerleaders.nice dressing,Zach is the best.Zach can never be beat

Zachary Vance Hlavac meaning

a star in the making!

Zachary Zarowny meaning

A Person who often tends to look act and talk like a fag (otherwise known as a gay person)He tends to be very ugly and dense. Usually these kinds of people have been raped whenthey were children.

zachass meaning

A person named Zach that has a tendency to behave foolishly, thus making him a jackass.