b0nged meaning and definition

b0nged meaning

to be b0nged is to be pwned i.e. getting tp'd is considered getting b00000nged, or having something bad happen to you in a embarrassing way like breaking your leg while trying to be a ballerina

b0nged meaning

The act of getting owned.

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b0nx0r3d meaning

It is 1337 for boned. You can say it to someone after you destroyed them in an online game.

b0r3d meaning

The 1337 way to say "bored", usually implies extreme boredom.

b0rk meaning

Alt meaning: Common noun spoken by Puppetus Swedish-Chefticus.

b0rk0red meaning

Borked, Broken.

b0rk3d meaning

verb. destroyed, taken down, and made a fool of. You do not want to get b0rk3d. similar to pwned, used widely among gamers