Godish meaning and definition

Godish meaning

Having something to do with God; holy, sacred.

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god is in the tub meaning

A phrase originated by Miss Alli of Television Without Pity, a website devoted to television shows. The phrase is used to combat a reality show contestant who feels the need to pray to god to help them get through their task or win the game. God does not stop to interfere with reality shows and you should think of him as in the tub. Like when you're a kid and you're mom is in the tub, you should let her enjoy her alone time. She should not be bothered. God is in the tub.

god is kind and pure and holy meaning

God is good. God is love and there is only one he's the one that made you and he's the one that when you sold out to sin he gave his son to buy you back. He loves you.

Godism meaning

Godism means when one is God. It is the power which they bestow.

godisnowhere meaning

A psychological word puzzle, which changes meaning depending on where you choose to put the spaces. People think your first understanding of it shows your view or belief about God.

God is Supreme meaning

"God is Supreme" means "God is above all others". God IS Supreme, but God is NOT Infinite or Almighty. People want to believe that God is BOTH Pure Love AND Almighty, because, if they do NOT think about it, this combination of ideas is comforting. If God REALLY WAS both Pure Love and Almighty, that would be awesome, because, bad shit wouldn't happen. The very fact that bad shit does happen, however, proves that God can NOT be BOTH Pure Love AND Almighty. I prefer to believe He is Pure Love AND Supreme, but, NOT Almighty, NOT All Knowing and NOT Everywhere. When He returns, He will straighten things out. If He was EVERYWHERE, He wouldn't need to return!

God is with me meaning

What one says when they show a deep passion in accomplishing an extremely difficult task.

goditorium meaning

A huge church that is usually baptist or non-denominational evangelical. The size of the church and of the parking lot might make some confuse it with an airport. It usually has a ton of money and a huge congregation willing to fork over money for whatever reason the pastor deems necessary. The church goers may seem brainwashed.

God It Up meaning

When an unlikely, rare or miracle class event occurs and someone describes it or adds arguably fictional/misleading description that it suggests that it was an action (a) God must have caused or been involved in without any due cause to believe it was interaction by (a) God.It is used in the same sense if God was replaced with the word pimp. To pimp it up to make it more exiting or a food more varied/sharp by adding extra to it. To God It Up is to describe it in such a way to try and create religious fervor from it.

Godiva meaning

The best damn chocolate company--ever. It may be expensive, but it's the finest quality of chocolate you'll ever taste. I recommend that you savor it for maximum enjoyment.

Godiva Diver meaning

While a Snicker Licker prefers the cock of a certain race, the 'Godiva Diver' delights in black vagina.