goditorium meaning and definition

goditorium meaning

A huge church that is usually baptist or non-denominational evangelical. The size of the church and of the parking lot might make some confuse it with an airport. It usually has a ton of money and a huge congregation willing to fork over money for whatever reason the pastor deems necessary. The church goers may seem brainwashed.

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God It Up meaning

When an unlikely, rare or miracle class event occurs and someone describes it or adds arguably fictional/misleading description that it suggests that it was an action (a) God must have caused or been involved in without any due cause to believe it was interaction by (a) God.It is used in the same sense if God was replaced with the word pimp. To pimp it up to make it more exiting or a food more varied/sharp by adding extra to it. To God It Up is to describe it in such a way to try and create religious fervor from it.

Godiva meaning

The best damn chocolate company--ever. It may be expensive, but it's the finest quality of chocolate you'll ever taste. I recommend that you savor it for maximum enjoyment.

Godiva Diver meaning

While a Snicker Licker prefers the cock of a certain race, the 'Godiva Diver' delights in black vagina.

Godiva hair meaning

Named for the legendary English figure Lady Godiva, who supposedly rode on a horse through the city of Coventry whilst completely naked, in an attempt to persuade the local lord, her husband, to give the peasants a tax break. The only thing that covered her modesty was her incredibly long hair (that reached down to at least her thighs).As such, Godiva Hair is any hair in a picture (photo/drawing) that is sufficiently long as to cover the female character's naughty bits. Turns an otherwise straight-up nude pic into a more subtly erotic pic.

godized meaning

godized means that god is a big part of you life

godjammit meaning

a child-friendly substitute for goddammit.

godjesus meaning

A robot fortune teller that has the power of god and jesus in him that allows him to tell the future. It can also battle other godjesus robots if the situation arises because it has a mighty cross in its hand.

Godjira meaning

When you pry your partners mouth open with both hands and cum down their throat.

Godjizz meaning

A phenomenon occurring when the sun shines through a mass of clouds and its beams strike you in such a way that you feel a beautiful mixture of joy and unicorn giggles.

god job meaning

A God Job is when one dies during a sexual experience.