H3 meaning and definition

H3 meaning

GM's attempt at making an environmentally-freidnly vehicle.

H3 meaning

Aka HALO 3, abriviated for HALO 3 witch kicks ass

H3 meaning

A blow job that does not lead to an orgasm. Derived from the the GM car which is like a Hummer but not quite...

H3 meaning

Short for HUMMER 3. An SUV-sized vehicle designed by the good folks at General Motors which retails for between $29,500-$32,730. The newest addition to GM's HUMMER lineup, the H3 attempts to cash-in on the feeling of virility and conspicuous consumerism one gets from owning either of the two previous HUMMER models. Genesis: An extremely large vehicle initially designed for military use, the classic HUMMER, or H1, has traditionally carried with it an air of financial indulgence coupled with a strange sense of utilitarian sophistication that has made the ownership of an H1 quite enviable and popular. Evolution: The successively unveiled H2 proved slightly less popular. Basically an updated version of the H1, the H2 managed to retain the original model's girth while exhibiting rounder curves and a sleeker yet ultimately more feminine body. Future?: In stark contrast, the most recently released H3 fails to retain the HUMMER's iconic size, style and functionality, opting instead to focus on issues of gasoline efficiency and environmental-friendliness. Carrying a much-diminished visceral impact and priced well below the $40,000 mark, the H3 seeks to radically re-define the concept of HUMMER ownership. Designed to drive rather than thrill and priced to own rather than impress, this new breed of Jeep-SUV amalgamate may either hold the key to the HUMMER's future success in the automotive market or in fact prove elemental in the dissolution of the HUMMER brand.

H3 meaning

1. The #3 Hummer (the larger the #, the smaller the size). The H3 is NOT made by AMGeneral of Humvee & H1 fame, but, made by GM under license from AMGeneral (as is the medium sized H2). 2. A HUMMER blowjob that JUST gets you hard, but no where near cumming. You better start fucking ASAP!

H3 meaning

A really... really... REALLY... fat person.

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H30 meaning

The chemical formula for the Homestead City Water, consisting of 2 Hydrogens, 1 Oxygen and 1 Homestygen. Known to be fatal if consumed or if it were to come in contact with the skin, hair, eyes, and virtually any part of the body imaginable. Fatal to all things, living or not.

h3110 meaning

H3110. Word used in a term of a scooper to say hello.Frequently used in game rooms.

h33b meaning

Hebrew. See 'heeb'

h33bi meaning

An old mongolian term referring to the God of War - eater of human hearts. Thought to be uncontrolably desired by females due to his extraordinary length and girth. A statue was often kept in Mongolian huts to ensure the woman of the home was constantly horny and ready for her man.

h33r meaning

Leet-speak for "Here"

h33t meaning

The defination on the word "h33t" is a comon slang on the (World Wide Web) for "heat". Often used in computer related text/language.Some noobs also use it as a slang for the word "sweet" or "awsome" but it's not corect.h33t it also the name of a big bitorrent tracker on the internett.

h33t tea meaning

h33t tea is mcdonalds sweet tea. 'sweet' is replaced by h33t to describe how awesome the sweet tea is. cuz its fuckin heat and unsweetend tea can get bent

H3 45 meaning

the amount of days of halo 3 that someone has, which is quite a lot, adding up to about 1080 hours of halo 3 in one year

h347 14x0r meaning

Derived from the term 1337 h4x0r and is used to define one as cool. Lacking in heat or cool.

h347 p4x0r meaning

"1337" or leet for heat packer....in other words one who is strong and can pack heat