Taavi meaning and definition

Taavi meaning

1) an Austrian word meaning "pocket sized badass"2) bigger than a toaster, smaller than a rocketship and faster than a ninja on speed 3) a lovable stoner who slices your neck with their hand when you least expect it (never give a Taavi a real weapon)

Taavi meaning

Not very usual name, given by the ancient Greece god Zeus himself. He is a semi-god, half-human and half-god. People may usually know this person by the nickname Hercules, Alexander the Great, Achilles and so on...hes just reborning to this world all over again.Theres even and incident when Chuck Norris himself ran away from Taavi-scared off the consencuenses meeting him. Hes the most powerfull, probably the most beautiful person who have ever lived. Every mortal women wants to make love with him, even men. But Taavis are allways heteros, no gay Taavi ever recorded yet hasnt born.

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taavon meaning

A man filled to the brim with the most pure swagg ever. Also is the name of a swagga coach for the swaggly handicapped.

taax maam meaning

an expression of excitement used when speaking to an ex-roomate.

Taay meaning

The most beautiful, funny girl you will ever meet. She's got an amazing body, slightly pale and has the loveliest eyes. Warning though: Don't play with a girl named Taay, they know how to play the game 5x better.

taaylor meaning

A good looking person. Usually speaks his or her mind. Might get an attitude at times. But is very loveable.

Taaz meaning

Derived from the Hindi word Taaza, meaning fresh. 2. Related to the word Taj, which means crown; associated with beauty and love. 3. A definitive online destination celebrating beauty in its various forms; a blank canvas for women to experience a variety of different looks that bring out their best.