Tabacky meaning and definition

Tabacky meaning

Anything deemed tacky, over-the-top or just plain gaudy even by African-American standards. A combination of the words "Black" and "Tacky"

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tabaco meaning

never smoke tabaco because you get addicted to it then its bad for your lungs. really bad

tabaco bomb meaning

a blunt that is huge n full of some substance n looks awsome to smoke

tabac stop meaning

A small portion of tobacco placed under the marijuana in a pipe or bong. It's main purpose is to block the hole in the bowl-piece with tobacco so that the weed doesn't fall through. It is also used to add a small head rush to the buzz, and make it burn more smoothly. A good ratio is 95% weed, 5% tobacco.

tabadaboo meaning

a word that can describe anything that you want it to describe. also can be used to divert attention away from certain subjects.

Tabageddon meaning

Tabageddon - noun - The point at which the number of open tabs becomes completely unmanageable, requiring you to indiscriminately end it all with one fell click of an X.