T-_________ meaning and definition

T-_________ meaning

A way to make fun of your friend for being Tea Bagged without them knowing you are making fun of them. Commonly used when someone was tea bagged in their sleep. Fill in someones last name in the blank

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t0 meaning

Commonly read as "tee zero." Internet slang, used primarily by the programming/cracking/hacking crowd – though its use among gamers has become more widespread lately.Meanings: 1). the beginning 2). since the beginning 3). at the beginning 4). preemptivelySynonyms: all along, from the start, preemptively, beforehandOrigins:Contrary to the belief of some, the etymology of t0 is probably unrelated to NASA's MET system (see tminus). Rather, it more likely has origins in the statement t = 0, in this case representing the time at which a particular event began.

t00b meaning

Verb denoting general (usually aimless) activity

t00bing meaning

to mess around with something

t00by meaning

Adjective: unpleasant or useless; random or silly

t00l meaning

(Verb) Internet slang for the word tool similar in definition but does not relate to male body parts. 1. Being a complete Moron/Asshat 2. Doing something stupid at anothers transgression withut realising it 3. losing in a game due to your own fault, loser.

t00ned meaning

To apply an engine management system to a car

t00pid meaning

A 1337 sp43k version of toopid. Used when stating that someone has a lesser state of mind. Usually done in chat rooms or internet forums.

t00st meaning

L33tspeak variant of "Test". Originated in the 112th Clan forums and spread to mine. Spoken entirely at random, or when testing your new signature/rank.

t04 meaning

n., team of four; (understood)looking for a team of four; looking for a team of 4 players to scrim any game against.

t0ast3d meaning

An angry, intolerant, liberal-hating regular at Fazed.net.