t00b meaning and definition

t00b meaning

'Idiot' in an affectionate way.

t00b meaning

Verb denoting general (usually aimless) activity

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t00bing meaning

to mess around with something

t00by meaning

Adjective: unpleasant or useless; random or silly

t00l meaning

(Verb) Internet slang for the word tool similar in definition but does not relate to male body parts. 1. Being a complete Moron/Asshat 2. Doing something stupid at anothers transgression withut realising it 3. losing in a game due to your own fault, loser.

t00ned meaning

To apply an engine management system to a car

t00pid meaning

A 1337 sp43k version of toopid. Used when stating that someone has a lesser state of mind. Usually done in chat rooms or internet forums.