v8 splash meaning and definition

v8 splash meaning

This a sexual act that occurs when a female regrets to inform her male partner is on her rag and lets him go down on her. He then is surprised with the v8 splash - otherwise known as the tomato salad.

v8 splash meaning

The V8 Splash (also known as an Ocean Spray, Sierra Mist) is when a female fills her anal orifice with fruit juice or other assorted sodas and carbonated beverages with the intent of flatulating (farting) the liquid into her partner's face. The resulting fart-spray covers the recipients face with a combination of liquid and doodoo in an effort to arouse the sprayee sexually.

v8 splash meaning

What you get when you mix a total of 8 "V"s: Vicodin swallowed with Vodka, then driving a V6 engine. The Splash is the crash.

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V8TT meaning

A V8 Twin Turbo engine. Usually pronounced "V8 TwinTurbo," a V8TT engine has two Turbochargers and 8 cylinders.

V9 meaning

a good looking chick, well proportioned and has enough meat on her bones in all the right places

va meaning

Veterans Affairs, in reference to the VA clinics, the VA is BS. Good luck veterans, I can speak from experience.

v_A meaning

A look of frustration and/or disappointment

VA61NA meaning

this is the alphanumeric way to say vagina. it is the sister version of PEN15.