Yacht Boy meaning and definition

Yacht Boy meaning

Rich assholes who think they're better than everyone else just because their parents have money. Normally white guys who try to talk ghetto.

Yacht Boy meaning

A male individual w/ amazing sexual prowess and skill. Physically endowed w/ length and girth able to please a female multiple times in a single session until she's laid back in bed exhausted as if she's cruising on a yacht

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yacht club meaning

in scituate where all the preppy rich kids spend their entire summer

yacht club suit meaning

Wearing a navy blazer with khaki pants

yachted meaning

Something that is very large in size and or quantity

yachter meaning

One that often wears washed, authentic, original, sperry top-siders, blue and white stripped lacoste polos, and beige chino shorts with a blue and white stripped belt.

yachter daughter meaning

The young, beautiful daughter(s) of a rich old man (the yachter) who spend their summers tanning on a raft tied behind their father's luxury boat (the yacht), or on the bow of said boat, and who enjoy being gazed upon by young, good-looking lifeguards on the shore.