Yackawayan Club meaning and definition

Yackawayan Club meaning

the exclusive club ruled by the Yackawayan King, where each member is assigned a job title essential to the clan.

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yackayra meaning

A bad bitch that SLAYS. One of the best people you'll ever meet in your life. She funny, pretty asf, has a smile out of this world. If you ever run into a "Yackayra" you won't regret it!! Get you a Yackayra. It's only for the best.

yackbackin meaning

Yackbackin to geek or be overly excited.

Yack City meaning

Someone who is yacking their brains out may be visiting Yack City.

Yackdong meaning

A girl who yacks(puewks)on your dong

Yacked meaning

To be squided in front of an audience.