Yacob meaning and definition

Yacob meaning

obnoxious kid. usually unwanted but sometimes funny :) hates white people for unknown reasons = pulls the race card often.

Yacob meaning

is the sweetest guy you may every meet, he knows what to say and when to say . he is very easy to fall in love with. he is rarely known to break your heart. when you see him all you can do is smile. is really good at a lot of things. he is known to make you feel like the most beauiful person in the world. he wont ever understand why you love him as much as you do even if he says he does he really doesnt. he'll never make you do something you dont want to. and he is always the first one to apologize. he'll never lie, he's obnoxious and he'll tell you what he thinks. He is often clueless in telling if your flirting he is just amazing. he is a really good friend. he is really funny someone to keep you laughing.he often says stuff without thinking. and talks alothe is the one you'll pick over your own boyfriend, even if your madly in love with your bofriend. When you meet him you'll instantly want to befriend him

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ya coded meaning

greys anatomy language for "you fucked up"

Yacolt meaning

A place small place in Wa. some people refer to it as crackolt because of all the crack that is there

Yacon meaning

(YAY-kin) 1. An unidentified object in your shoe.2. A cross between a yeti and bacon.

ya coont meaning

Major pain in the ass at TNT Asylum.

ya copy me meaning

It's just like ya get me, or ya copy that,used like after every other sentence

yacoub meaning

Is a lit person from Algeria and is honest loyal and is usually cute funny and smart.

Yacoubian meaning

The act of reaching a decision in an exceedingly slow, deliberate, indecisive, yet charming manner. An incredibly frustrating yet equally endearing indecisiveness.

Yacov meaning

A white, preppy-looking boy with blonde hair and green or blue eyes.

yacovelli meaning

A drug connoisseur of extremely high caliber, he has the tolerance of Ozzy Osbourne. Though his drug of choice is methamphetamines, he is skilled in all genres of exotic pharmaceuticals. Not to be mistaken for a lowly "dealer", Yacovelli need not distribute the drugs. The drugs distribute Yacovelli.

yacsmd meaning

Computer shorthand for: You all can suck my dick.