Zach Merrick meaning and definition

Zach Merrick meaning

bassist, and one of the vocalist for the all time coolest band ever All Time Low and one of the hottest dudes to ever walk the planet, often goes shirtless, and changes his hair often, and has tatoos and a nose ring is also very Aguel

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Zach Miller meaning

It means that you are rad beyond all doudt.

zach mitrakas meaning

A sexy motherfucker with a small dick

Zach Moment meaning

Similar to a blonde moment, a moment when you're not the brightest or just flat out an idiot.

zach morris meaning

(noun) 1.The main character from american pop culture classic sitcom "Saved By The Bell" (verb) 2. to mastermind an operation smoothly in a half an hour. 3. to go to great extent to make personal disposition a reality in a half an hour. 4. to decieve everyone to get the girl in a half hour.

Zach-move meaning

A Zach-move is something that someone could do that is extremely unnecessary and pointless. Normally it is a stupid thing to do. -derived from something that my friend does often.

Zach munger meaning

guy with a 16 inch dick.

Zachmyer meaning

A b.a family of German decent who wrestles, hits 800ft. dingers, and slays chicks on there free time.

zachne meaning

anyone who has the name zach and has achne all over their body

zachness meaning

Some who is a little nancy that must always check his facebook before masturbating. Someone who must trick girls to make out with him. Someone who wears several shirt sizes too small but tries to hide it with under armor AKA smedium.

zach nichols meaning

A piece of shit, that hangs from the hole in between your ass cheeks.